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[x] No God-Modding...Do not use other people in your RPs without first obtaining their permission, a brief mention is okay, but no controlling their actions.

[x] No killing of others characters (except NPCs) unless it has been discussed both with the character muns and the mod.

[x] Due to the nature of the roleplay's subject all players must be 18+ to join. NC-17, slash, smut, kink, rape, torture, abuse are all good, we welcome it with open arms, not to mention violence, drugs, murder, etc, however, just to protect any innocent eyes, please put anything like this under a cut and label it clearly...Also, no flaming and/or otherwise abusing any "relationships" within the game, if it's not your cup of tea per se, don't join.

[x] IC=/=OOC. Don't turn IC conflict into OOC drama. Just because two characters are at odds in a scene or the game as a whole, it doesn't mean one player doesn't like the other. A story needs conflict, characters don't always see eye to eye; it makes it interesting. If you are creating OOC wank you will be warned, if it continues you will be removed from the game.

[x] The character limit is 2 for the time being, depending on how things go, you may get the chance to own more. If you wish to play more than 2, please contact the mod to discuss it.

[x] Original Characters are allowed and are encouraged. After all, it won’t be much fun if it’s all cops, will it?

[x] Characters from Other Fandoms will be considered on a case by case basis. No superpowers or magic can be used, and non-humans will be rejected, but human characters adjusted to fit in with the LoM/AtA series will be accepted. So basically, AU versions of other characters.

[x] Please use the following posting format:

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