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[x] What is the plot at Gene’s World?
Gene's World is a freeform, slice of life, semi-AU roleplay based in Gene Hunt's World. It is set in 1984, following on from the aftermath of the Ashes to Ashes finale. Major plot points will come from the players themselves. Want to solve a case of a serial killer? Wonderful! Got a drug lord taking over the city? Fantastic.

[x] What is Gene Hunt’s World?
Gene Hunt's World is the name used to describe the supernatural world integrated into the real world where police officers that are victims of trauma are sent. Everything about you is seemingly real. You can touch, you can feel, you breath, your heart beats, and your decisions have consequences.

[x] Can my character die in Gene’s World?
The simple answer is yes. Despite being technically dead in the ‘real world’, your character can still die in Gene World.

[x] My character died in LoM/AtA, can I still play them here?
Of course, after all, we’re all dead in some way or another. Whether your character went ‘to the pub’, ‘transferred’ to Keats’ department or died in some other way, they have the chance to come back, picking up life in 1984.

[x] Can I apply for Nelson or Jim Keats?
Yes, they are playable characters. But no dragging souls to Heaven or Hell without prior permission, or telling everyone that they’re dead.

[x] Can I play a corrupt copper?
Sure! But if Gene Hunt finds out, don’t expect him to take it lightly.

[x] Does my character have to travel BACK in time?
No, if you want to bring someone from the past forward into 1984 then that is fine.

[x] My character isn’t a police officer, can I still apply?
Of course. It wouldn’t be a very exciting world if it was just made up of coppers. We also need everyday people as well as criminals of various types. Want to play a drug lord? Go for it. Want to play a hairdresser? Great. Shop keeper? More than welcome. Prostitutes, rent-boys, criminals, rock stars, celebrities, it's all welcome. It’s up to you whether your character is a natural part of the world or whether they have been brought here after death. If they have come here after death then they won’t know that they are dead, bringing them to the question "Are you mad, in a coma or back in time?"

[x] Can I play an Original Character?
Absolutely! Original Characters are allowed and are encouraged. After all, it won’t be much fun if it’s all about the few main cops, will it?

[x] Can I play an [insert character] from [insert fandom]?
Characters from other fandoms will be considered on a case by case basis. No superpowers or magic can be used, and non-humans will be rejected, but human characters adjusted to fit in with the LoM/AtA series will be accepted. So basically, AU versions of other characters are welcomed. Please try to have a real person PB if the character is animated.

[x] How many characters am I allowed to play?
The character limit is 2 for the time being, depending on how things go, you may get the chance to own more. If you wish to play more than 2, please contact the mod to discuss it.

[x] Someone played the character I want before, do I have to pick up where they left off?
Not at all! If you wish to start them from scratch this is totally fine. If they had ties with another character, you don't have to keep them connected, but talking to the other players involved often helps come to an agreement.

[x] Are NC-17 scenes allowed.
Yes. NC-17 scenes whether of violence, sex or something else are all allowed. PWP is allowed and homosexual relationships are allowed. However, don't just use Gene’s World as a place to play out your crack pairings – have some depth to it too people, okay?

[x] Do I need AIM to join?
Not necessarily. It makes things a little easier, as players can communicate easier, and some people prefer to log over IM's, but it's not a requirement.

[x] Why does Gene’s World have a FAQ?
Because it saves me a lot of time having to answer the questions many times and provides a handy reference for people to look at.

[x] I have a question that isn't answered above. What should I do?
Leave your question as a comment on this post or feel free to contact me at kristina.carr@gmail.com.

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